Selection of translation commissions

  • On-line translating for internet company offering detailed guides to Spanish cities. More than one thousand entries translated.
  • Legal documents (marriage, birth certificates, etc.) and business letters for various agencies and other clients.
  • Websites for Ertisa petrochemical company and Cristal, a company providing clients in the hotel and food industry with health and safety training.
  • Spanish insurance company’s annual balance sheet for ADMIRAL TRANSLATIONS LIMITED (5000 words).
  • Contract of Purchase (5000 words), Ecuadorian petrochemical industry, for UPS TRANSLATIONS.
  • Series of hand-written 19th century correspondence for use in inheritance claim.
  • Police investigation into sinking of merchant vessel in Spain for ITF (15,000) words.
  • Publicity material for new Spanish food product..
  • Information document on alternative cable laying solution.
  • Newspaper clippings and police reports from Colombia in support of asylum claim for Refugee Legal Centre, 7,000 words.
  • Three essays on Spanish cinema for publication by British Film Institute, 20,000 words.
  • Article on Colombian singer Shakira by Gabriel García Márquez for Guardian Weekend.
  • Technical specifications and contract for supply of Spanish made combat boots, 6,000 words.
  • 3,000 word Spanish newspaper article on terrorist attack in Madrid, UPS.
  • 20,000 words academic articles (2) on subjects of subtitling and dubbing for University of Surrey.
  • Series of property contracts for Choice Languages.
  • PowerPoint presentation on Sustainable Transport in Mexico City for GLA conference. Commissioned by SATIS.
  • Contract between GLA and government of Venezuela for exchange of services for SATIS.
  • 600 pages of police interviews, statements, pathologist’s and forensic scientists’ reports for solicitors in murder case (law firm’s name available on request) 2010/11.

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