Publications and published translations

  • Short story for ‘The Voice of the Turtle: An Anthology of Cuban Stories’, Quartet Books, London 1997 and Grover Press, New York 1998.
  • Book reviews for Literary Review, 1998/2000.
  • Translation into English of book ‘Poe for Beginners’, Writers and Readers, London 1999.
  • Translation of essay entitled ‘Human Rights and Oppressed Peoples’, Roehampton Institute, 1999/2000. Published by Gracewing Books, 2001.
  • 10,000 word theological essay entitled ‘La Liberación de Medellín en la Teología Feminista’, 2000, published by Gracewing Books in an anthology entitled Truth and Memory in 2001.
  • Essay entitled ‘Why two translations?’ published in ‘Donaire’ periodical, 2000.
  • Collaborative translation of Luis Sepúlveda short story, 2001.
  • Articles based on translation experiences for website called
  • Translations of two short stories in anthology entitled ‘Spain: A Traveller’s Companion’, Whereabouts Press, 2003.

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